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Wintersession 2015 Registration Information

Students are required to enroll in at least one Wintersession course.

Wintersession online Registration begins on Saturday, November 1 – November 6.  Your assigned start time was emailed to your email.

Course offerings and course descriptions are available on WebAdvisor through the ‘Search for Sections’ link.  Additionally, click here for a course offering pdf to reference with all the wintersession courses and their course descriptions.

Wintersession policy information is available in the current 2014/15 Course Announcement (pages 16 to 19) along with wintersession courses offered (at the time of publication) and their course descriptions.  Search for (WINTER) or for /WINTER or WINTER/ for a listing of wintersession courses.

Wintersession Travel Course Registration is available from October 14 – October 29. Click here for more information on how to register for a travel class.

Registering for a second class. Web Advisor allows registration for only one class at the time of initial registration. After all students have had a chance to register for one class, the system will open up and allow selection of a second class depending on availability (spaces are limited). A second registration lottery  assignment will be emailed on Friday, Nov. 7.  Registration for a second class will be held on Saturday, November 8 (based on the newly appointed registration times).

Check out the Instructional YouTube videos on registration:
-How to Search for Sections
-How to Add Preferred Sections
-How to Register for Courses
-How to Drop Courses

See the scheduling grid to better visualize the pattern of how wintersession courses are typically scheduled (and gain a better understanding of the days of the week they typically meet).

Course Withdrawal Deadline is November 3rd

This is a reminder that the course withdrawal deadline is Monday, Nov. 3.  Course withdrawal forms are available here or in the Registrar’s Office, 20 Prov Wash, 1st Floor.

Midterm Grades and Evaluations

Midterm grading is available for fall 2014.

Midterm grading is primarily for warning students in danger of failing the course.  All midterm warnings must be submitted on WebAdvisor by Friday, October 24th.

Faculty have the ability to enter mid-term grades and evaluations directly in WebAdvisor (replacing the use of the paper Mid-Term Reports).  A corresponding warning comment must be completed for each student to whom a ‘U: unsatisfactory’ grade is assigned.  Additionally, faculty may wish to enter comments for students in other circumstances, such as those doing exceptionally well (in this case no grade need be entered).  Notification of the evaluation is emailed to the student and their advisors prompting them to view WebAdvisor.

Here are links to short instructional training videos:
-Faculty Entering Midterm Warnings/Evaluations
-Advisors Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives
-Students Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives

Wintersession Travel Classes

Registration for the Wintersession travel classes begins Tuesday, October 14 and ends Wednesday, October 29.

Travel classes offered are posted around campus and on the Office of Global Partners and Programs website. You can see additional information about each course by looking on WebAdvisor, using the “Search for Sections” feature.

Attend one or more of the Informational Meetings held by faculty who are offering a travel class.

Pick up an approved and signed Add Form from the instructor at one of the informational meetings or another time when they are available.

Register and pay at the Registrar’s Office/Student Financial Services suite on the first floor of ProvWash. Full-payment (credit card or cashier’s check) must be made at the time of registration and the student’s financial account must be up-to-date.

For more important details on Wintersession Travel Classes click here.