Faculty Report of Student Progress

The Faculty Report of Student Progress is a narrative evaluation which faculty teaching studio classes are encouraged to complete for their students.

For Faculty/Advisors: -Beginning Spring 2014, faculty now have the ability to enter mid-term warning/evaluation comments directly in WebAdvisor (replacing the use of the paper Mid-Term Reports) and for final grading, the ability to enter narrative comments about student progress/performance directly in WebAdvisor (replacing the electronic Word documents that have been used the past few years).

-The look and feel of WebAdvisor has remained the same (with the addition of a column on the faculty ‘Grading’ screen to enter narratives.)

-Advisors have a link in their ‘My Advisees’ section to select the ‘action’ to ‘View Student Midterm Comments and Final Grade Narratives’.

Evaluation Writing Tip:
When writing evaluations, if you plan to type your narrative comments in a separate word processor ahead of time and copy/paste the information into WebAdvisor, you should turn off auto formatting of ‘smart quotes’ in the processor BEFORE you type your narrative. If you don’t, quotation marks and/or apostrophes turn into question marks once you save the evaluation within WebAdvisor. Ways to resolve inadvertent question marks from happening:

-Option 1: Type your comment directly into WebAdvisor (remember the 20 minute timeout)
-Option 2: Don’t use quotation marks or apostrophes in your evaluations if you can avoid them.
-Option 3: Paste your comment into WebAdvisor from your word processor as is, delete any apostrophe or question mark and re-type the apostrophe or quotation mark from within WebAdvisor. Do not mark it complete yet. Click Submit which will take you back a screen to the roster, then come back in to check on your comment. If okay (which it should be), then mark the comment complete and re-submit.
-Option 4: Turn off the autoformatting of straight quotes into smart quotes on your word processor PRIOR to typing any text. If you do this, then your copy/paste into WebAdvisor will not result in inadvertent question marks. For help with this method, query your word processor for “smart quotes” or “turn off auto-formatting”.

For instructions on how to turn off auto-formatting click HERE.

Here are links to short instructional training videos: -

Faculty Entering Midterm Warnings/Evaluations

Faculty Entering Final Evaluation Narratives

Advisors Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives

Students Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives