Summer 2022 Grading Deadlines

There are multiple grading deadlines for summer programs at RISD.

August 11, 2022: Final Grades Due for Master of Arts in Adaptive Reuse Program and Master of Landscape Architecture Program

August 24, 2022: Final Grades due for Master of Architecture Summer Program, English for Art and Design Summer Course, Master of Arts in Teaching Summer Program, Master of Design [Adaptive Reuse] and Master of Design [Exhibition and Narrative Environments]

September 6, 2022: Final Grades due for Summer Internships and Summer 2022 Narratives of Student Programs Due

Instructors are asked to submit their grades electronically via WebAdvisor, the online web student information system. Instructions for WebAdvisor grading is available on this page or by contacting with questions.

Instructors enter final evaluation narratives on WebAdvisor. A short instructional video is available for the online evaluation feature.  Further details guidelines on final evaluation narratives are also available here.

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