Independent Study Projects (ISP)/Collaborative Study Projects (CSP)

Independent Study Projects (ISP) allow students to complete a supervised project for credit in a specific area of interest to supplement the established curriculum.  The project requires independent study but also includes tutorial supervision; its purpose is to meet individual student needs by providing an alternative to regularly offered courses.

A Collaborative Study Project (CSP) allows two students to work collaboratively to complete a faculty supervised project of independent study. Usually, a CSP is supervised by two faculty members, but with approval it may be supervised by one faculty member.

Students with an accumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above may register for a particular ISP/CSP by requesting the assistance of a faculty member with appropriate interests and competencies to serve as a tutor.  With the consent and assistance of the faculty member, a student should prepare a proposal and an application for the work to be accomplished (available online).  The student will be properly enrolled once the form is completed and electronically signed/approved by all the appropriate parties highlighted on the form.

December 1 is the new deadline for a student to submit their ISP or CSP form to their tutor for either Wintersession 2018 or Spring 2018.

Incoming graduate students  (that is, new graduate students in Wintersession 2018 or for Fall 2018) must submit an ISP form to the tutoring faculty by the first day of classes of the semester. The tutors then have two workdays to review and forward the form to the next step in the workflow. Submission by the division office to the Registrar must arrive no later than the end of the Add/Drop period or eight calendar days after the first day of the semester, whichever comes first.

Each ISP/CSP may receive three credits.