Academic Year Course / Credit Load

The academic year consists of two 13 week semesters, including finals and critical reviews (Fall, Spring), and a 6 week Wintersession term. For purposes of calculating the thirty-six (36) tuition credits allowed for the year, Summer internships are considered credits taken for the upcoming year.

The normal credit load is 12 to 15 credits per semester, and 3 credits during Wintersession. Twelve (12) credits per semester is the minimum requirement for full-time enrollment. Students who do not attempt at least 12 credits in a term may be placed on academic probation and run the risk of jeopardizing financial aid. International students must enroll for at least 12 credits to maintain their visa status. Completion of fewer than 12 credits per semester or 3 credits during Wintersession will place a student on academic probation for that term. No student may register for more than 18 credits during the Fall or Spring semesters, or 6 credits in Wintersession. This semester limit includes any courses taken simultaneously at another institution, including Brown University.

Students will be charged per credit for credits taken in excess of a yearly total of 36 credits. Courses taken and graded for audit (grade of “AU”) and courses which are withdrawn (grade of “W”) count toward the yearly total, as do internships taken for credit during the summer prior to the beginning of the academic year. Refer to the section on “Tuition and Fees” for information on how these charges are assessed.