Academic Appeals and Petitions

Students may request an exception, for cause, to academic standards and regulations. In order to process a student’s request for exception, the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) may require the following:

* An appeal statement (petition) from the student which includes an explanation of grounds for the exception. Forms are available at the Registrar’s Office only.  Students will receive instructions for filing their Exception to Academic Policy from the Registrar’s Office when they pick up the form.  There are specific deadlines for filing some requests.

* A recommendation from a course instructor, when applicable.

* A recommendation from the student’s Department Head.

* A recommendation from the student’s Division Dean.

* A recommendation from the Dean of Liberal Arts when the request is in regard to Liberal Arts, or from the Dean of the division offering the course if the course is outside the student’s major division.

* A recommendation from the Dean of Students if the student’s petition is for medical reasons.

The ASC meets monthly. Students should take this timeframe into account when requesting exceptions for items that need timely response. The student will be notified of Committee decision promptly via email to their address.