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Spring 2015 Important End of Semester Dates

April 8 (Weds): Final date to withdraw from a course with “W” grade
May 13 (Wed):   Last day of Spring Semester degree program classes
May 15 (Fri):       Liberal Arts and Graduate Studies exams
May 18 – 22:     Studio Review Days
May 22 (Fri):      Last day- Spring term
May 26 (Tues):  Grades due by noon, graduating students
May 30 (Sat.):   RISD Commencement 2015
June 1 (Mon):    Grades due, non graduating students

See the Academic Calendar for other important dates.

Midterm Grades and Evaluations

Midterm grading is available for Spring 2015.

Midterm grading is primarily for warning students in danger of failing the course.  All midterm warnings must be submitted on WebAdvisor by Friday April 3.

Faculty have the ability to enter mid-term grades and evaluations directly in WebAdvisor (replacing the use of the paper Mid-Term Reports).  A corresponding warning comment must be completed for each student to whom a ‘U: unsatisfactory’ grade is assigned.  Additionally, faculty may wish to enter comments for students in other circumstances, such as those doing exceptionally well (in this case no grade need be entered).  Notification of the evaluation is emailed to the student and their advisors prompting them to view WebAdvisor.

Here are links to short instructional training videos:
Faculty Entering Midterm Warnings/Evaluations
Advisors Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives
Students Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives