Changing a final grade after submitting it on WebAdvisor

After You Enter Final Grades

Faculty may change final grades via WebAdvisor up until the deadline date for submitting grades as posted on the academic calendar. Students will not be able to see the grades you submit until the deadline date passes.

Once the deadline passes, the Registrar’s Office updates all final grades entered by faculty onto student transcripts. Once the update process occurs, students can view the grades you submitted immediately, and you can no longer modify them using WebAdvisor. This process is known as grade “verification”. If you try to change a verified grade, WebAdvisor will give you the following (somewhat confusing) message:
Final grades cannot be changed after they have been verified. The grade has been restored to the unedited value – ,. The message is telling you that the original grade still stands and your attempt to change it did not, and will not, work.

Once grades are verified, grade changes are to be submitted using the Grade Change Form (including Incompletes changing to a Final Letter Grade).

Entering Final Grades After the Deadline

Submitting grades after the deadline is highly discouraged, but if you have not submitted your grades, or some of your grades, by the deadline, WebAdvisor remains available to you for a short period of time to submit the grades late. Once you submit grades after the deadline, chances are that they will be verified within a couple of hours of your entering them, as the Registrar’s Office is continually running the verification process once the grade deadline has passed so that grades can be viewed by students and advisors and so that transcripts for students can be produced. Once a grade is verified as described in the paragraph above, you can no longer change it via WebAdvisor.

At a point about a week after grades are due, entering ANY grades on WebAdvisor becomes unavailable. At that point, WebAdvisor will give you an error message if you try to enter or change a grade. At that point, grades or grade changes must be submitted using the Grade Change Form.