Faculty Report of Student Progress

The Faculty Report of Student Progress is a narrative evaluation which faculty teaching studio classes are encouraged to complete for their students.

For Faculty/Advisors:

Faculty can enter directly in WebAdvisor narrative comments about student progress/performance during final grading.

During grading, click the link in the ‘Narrative’ column to create your evaluation.  Unlike midterm ‘U’ grade warnings, which must be submitted at the same time as the unsatisfactory ‘U’ grade, final narratives may be written and submitted AFTER grades are submitted. Please follow the deadline for submitting grades and the separate deadline for submitting narratives

Students (and their advisors) will see the narratives once ‘marked complete’. Once a narrative is ‘marked complete’, instructors may no longer make any edits.  Tip: for team taught courses don’t mark evaluations complete until all instructors have had a chance to add their comments.

Advisors have a link in their ‘My Advisees’ section to select the ‘action’ to ‘View Student Midterm Comments and Final Grade Narratives’.

Short instructional training videos are available at the following links, or you may view the tutorial below:

Evaluation Writing Tip

When writing evaluations, it may be preferable to type your narrative comments in a separate word processor ahead of time and copy/paste the information into WebAdvisor. If you do use a word processor (like MS Word), you should turn off auto formatting of ‘smart quotes’ in the processor BEFORE you type your narrative. If you don’t, quotation marks and/or apostrophes turn into question marks once you save the evaluation within WebAdvisor.

There is a behind-the-scenes algorithm which will find and fix the inadvertent question marks and return them to quotes or apostrophes once you hit the “submit” button on the page, but not every one may get caught and fixed. To check, do not mark it complete yet. Click “Submit” which will take you back a screen to the roster, then come back in to check on your comment. If okay (which it should be), then mark the comment complete and re-submit.If you find an inadvertent question mark, you can replace it directly within WebAdvisor and it will save correctly.

If you intend to use a lot of question marks  or apostrophes, you may be interested to know of several ways to resolve inadvertent question marks from happening in the first place. Below are four options.

  • Option 1: Type your comment directly into WebAdvisor (remember the 20 minute timeout so you don’t lose what you have entered)
  • Option 2: Don’t use quotation marks or apostrophes in your evaluations if you can avoid them.
  • Option 3: Paste your comment into WebAdvisor from your word processor as is, delete any apostrophe or question mark and re-type the apostrophe or quotation mark from within WebAdvisor. Do not mark it complete yet. Click Submit which will take you back a screen to the roster, then come back in to check on your comment. If okay (which it should be), then mark the comment complete and re-submit.
  • Option 4: Turn off the autoformatting of straight quotes into smart quotes on your word processor PRIOR to typing any text. If you do this, then your copy/paste into WebAdvisor will not result in inadvertent question marks. For help with this method, query your word processor for “smart quotes” or “turn off auto-formatting”.

For instructions on how to turn off auto-formatting click here.