WebAdvisor Instructions for Grading and Class Rosters

Access to the grading screens of WebAdvisor will be available before the semester is over.  Log in at that time to make sure you have access rights.

Logging into WebAdvisor

Your user ID for WebAdvisor is the same as your RISD email.  It is up to 8 characters in length and is assigned using your first initial and the first 7 letters of your last name, or less if your name is short, e.g, Thomas Smith has a user ID of “tsmith.” The Main Menu screen of WebAdvisor, on the bottom right, has two help areas called “Account Information” and “Password Information.” Once you know your user ID, your password can be reset online.

Entering Grades

Know the grades you want to record BEFORE logging in.  WebAdvisor has a built-in “time out” feature. You must hit “ENTER” or “SUBMIT” within 20 minutes or else the grades you entered will be lost.

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor.
  2. Choose a term. DO NOT ENTER starting or ending dates.
  3. Choose “Final” grading. DO NOT CHOOSE midterm grading.
  4. Click the box for the course you wish to grade, then scroll below and click “SUBMIT.”
  5. Enter a grade for each student. DO NOT enter a ‘Last Date of Attendance’ unless the student stopped attending class.
  6. Grades of “I” (incomplete):  You must enter an expiration date which can be no later than the deadline set by the faculty. On the day after the expiration date, the “I” becomes an “F” unless you have submitted a grade change.
    DO NOT ENTER an “Expire Date” for any grade other than “I”. More details on the “I” grade, including deadlines, can be found here.

Spring term grades: Enter grades for graduating students first, then, if necessary, go back in a few days to enter grades for students who are not graduating. (HINT: Use the TAB key to move from one student to the next. DO NOT USE THE ENTER key because the ENTER key works just like the “SUBMIT” button.)

After You Enter Grades

Students will not be able to see the grades you submit until the Registrar’s Office updates them to the student transcripts. This verification is  performed beginning on the grade deadline for the semester.

Once the update process takes place, students can view the grades you submitted and you can no longer modify them on WebAdvisor (you must submit a paper Change of Grade Form). However, you can submit grades late. WebAdvisor remains open for late grading after the deadline date, and the update process is performed daily thereafter, until grading for the term is shut down.