Etrieve Workflows: Locate Your Form

If you have originated a form or have been involved in the workflow, you can see where a form is in its workflow.

Log into etrieve ( with your risd credentials:

From your dashboard, select the ‘Activity’ tab:

Select the form you wish to view:

At the bottom of the form, select the ‘History’ button:

In the ‘History’ you will see who has approved the form, and where the form currently is:

Once a workflow has ended (either by being ‘Declined’ or by completing all steps in the workflow) the Package History will state ‘Ended’:

**Please note that for ‘Exception to Academic Policy: General’  will state ended and ‘Approved’ by the Registrar’s Office, however these forms require ASC approval and final status of these forms will be communicated directly to students at their email. These requests are not considered ‘Approved’ until students are contacted with approval confirmation directly by ASC.**