Registration for classes for first year students

First Year student registration for FALL:
In the Fall, all first year students are assigned three Foundation studios, each meeting one full day a week. The studios are ‘Drawing’, ‘Design’ and ‘Spatial Dynamics’. In addition to the three studios, students take two classes in Liberal Arts. Each of the five classes is offered for three credits for a total of fifteen (15) credits for the semester. For information on the first year program in Liberal Arts, please go to: First-Year Program in Liberal Arts .  Your individual class schedule will be put together and available for viewing on WebAdvisor in late August or early September. You will be sent an email once the schedule is available for viewing.

First Year student registration for WINTERSESSION:
First year students select their own course (s) for Wintersession .  This registration takes place in very late October or early November. Your advisor can assist you with course selection.

First Year students registration for SPRING:
In the Spring, foundation students take three Foundation studio classes.  Students are automatically registered in their Foundation studios by the Foundation Studies Office.  However, students will register themselves online for their required Liberal Arts selections.  Students may check their Foundation studio schedule online through WebAdvisor before online registration for Liberal Arts courses begins in January.

For information on Spring Liberal Arts course registration, please go to: First-Year Program in Liberal Arts. It is important to go to this link in order to understand Liberal Arts degree requirements.

Your program evaluation on WebAdvisor lays out your degree requirements and courses needed for graduation.

Further questions contact the Liberal Arts Office at 401-454-6572 or 401-454-6570 or the Registrar’s Office at 401-454-6151.

To register for Spring:
The instructions that follow apply to most students as the vast majority of students will be registering for HAVC H102 and HPSS S101. If you are not among them, you will know this by reading the section on First-Year Program in Liberal Arts and you will be provided information pertinent to you by email just before registration is to take place.

1)      Check your schedule on WebAdvisor so that you know what days of the week your Foundation studios meet.

2)      Select your Liberal Arts courses that correspond to your spring Foundation schedule.  There are several HAVC-H102 and HPSS-S101 sections available to you.  They are specifically scheduled to fit within your Foundation studio schedule.  Follow the link below that corresponds to ONLY your specific Foundation Studio days.

If you are registered in:
Foundation studios meeting Monday, Wednesday, Friday CLICK HERE
Foundation studios meeting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  CLICK HERE
Foundation studios meeting Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  CLICK HERE
Foundation studios meeting Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday  CLICK HERE
Foundation studios meeting Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  CLICK HERE

3)    Register for the appropriate Liberal Arts classes online through WebAdvisor You will have a specific registration appointment time for online registration in January. Check WebAdvisor for the day and time.

-The planning grid (that you can print and fill out) is a useful tool to help you visualize what days/times your courses meet.

4) Remember to check your schedule online through WebAdvisor to make sure that you are registered in the appropriate classes before the add/drop period for the semester ends.