Registration Instructions for Incoming Transfers & Graduate Students

Fall web registration for new transfer students and graduate students begins August 1st.

The Registrar’s Office receives transfer credit in the summer from any previous institutions to potentially apply towards your RISD degree.  By mid to late July, the appropriate transfer credit will be recorded on your student record.  You can view the transfer credit applied towards your degree through WebAdvisor in your ‘Program Evaluation’.

Over the summer, your department will pre-register you into appropriate ‘major required’ courses for the fall semester.  Access your class schedule through WebAdvisor to see any courses that you have already been registered in.

On August 1, online registration through WebAdvisor is opened so that you can complete your fall registration.  Use the Course Announcement (our course catalog) as a guideline, which lists the curriculum for each major and for each term.  It lists the studio courses that you should register for if you are not already pre-registered by your department.  Additionally, review your Program Evaluation on WebAdvisor to see the additional program requirements needed to complete your degree.  Register for any open electives that would fulfill one of your degree requirements.  Students typically take 15 credits each fall/spring semester.  For specific questions on which courses you should take, contact your Academic Advisor or Department.

Transfer students choosing Liberal Arts courses must read the registration instructions sent to them by the Liberal Arts department for specific information when choosing Liberal Arts classes.

CLICK HERE for more specific registration information for Transfers and Graduate Level students.

Instructional YouTube videos:
-How to Search for Sections
-How to Add Preferred Sections
-How to Register for Courses
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