Registration Policies

At RISD, most departments preregister students into major classes and students then choose electives and Liberal Arts on their own using WebAdvisor. A few academic departments, mainly Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design and Interior Architecture, preregister students into some major classes and then organize their own mini-registration systems, held just before classes begin, for selection of advanced studios. Students must learn their departments registration methods and use WebAdvisor, the on-line student information system, to make sure they are in the right classes.

RISD operates on an early registration system. The Academic Calendar provides dates of registration.

Fall Semester Classes are chosen in April/May.
Wintersession Classes are chosen in early November
Spring Semester Classes are chosen in early December.

Exceptions: Architecture. Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Industrial Design conduct some of their course selection just prior to classes beginning.

Information on registration procedures is posted on the pages of this website and in WebAdvisor  in the “News and Information” section of the registration menu. This website contains electronic versions of the Course Announcement along with additional information on registration.

Registration for the Foundation Year

For Fall and Spring:  First year students are pre-registered for all required Foundation studios.

Wintersession of the first year is the first time that Foundation students may select their own studio course.

Foundation students may not withdraw from any of the Foundation year courses in Fall or Spring–studio or liberal arts–without the written approval of the Dean of Foundation Studies.

For information on the first year program in Liberal Arts: First-Year Program in Liberal Arts.

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