Cross-Registration Instructions for Brown University students at RISD

*The cross-registration process cannot be started until the first day of the RISD term that you intend to register in*

2021-2022 Academic Year:

  • The cross-registration process will be managed remotely via electronic forms 
  • Brown students may cross register at RISD in fall, winter, and/or spring. Note: as a result of the pandemic, although most courses are taught ‘in-person’, there are still some courses taught as ‘hybrid’ or ‘online’. Students may cross-register at RISD for any modality course (in-person, hybrid, or online) as long as the instructor so approves.  RISD will offer courses in all three modalities (in-person, hybrid, and online) for Fall, Wintersession and Spring. Note, RISD’s Wintersession has changed to P/NC grading in an attempt to support academic flexibility due to the ongoing pandemic challenges.
  • Brown University students interested in taking a RISD course should review Brown University’s instructions and information on cross-registration here.

Important information to note:

  • Cross-registration for Brown students to register at RISD begins on the first day of RISD’s semester
    • For Fall 2021: The fall semester begins on 9/8/21. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from September 08 – September 15. Cross-registration will not be available after September 15.
    • For Wintersession 2022: Wintersession begins on 1/6/22. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from January 06 – January 13. Cross-registration will not be available after January 13. Note, all RISD WS courses (despite the modality listed) will be taught online from 1/6 – 1/13 (and then beginning 1/14 will be taught in the modality published).
    • For Spring 2022: The spring semester begins on 2/17/22. RISD’s Add/Drop period runs from February 17 – February 24. Cross-registration will not be available after February 24.
  • Brown Graduate Students: If you are a graduate student seeking to cross-register at RISD, you will also require permission from the Brown Graduate School. Please submit a petition in UFunds.
  • Students should reach out to RISD instructors first to indicate interest before filling out the cross-registration form.
  • As part of the registration process, Brown University students will be required to agree to the health and safety protocols in place at RISD.
  • Some RISD courses require course fees that Brown students must pay upfront before registering for the course. For a list of RISD courses with fees by term, click here. Fees must be paid to RISD Student Financial Services prior to being registered for the course (a step in the electronic registration form). Student Financial Services only accepts debit and credit cards for this payment (payments are made online at the time of registration as part of the electronic form).
  • Brown seniors in their final semester are discouraged from cross-registering in spring. RISD’s spring semester ends after Brown’s and grades are not due until after Brown’s Commencement ceremony. As a result, this may delay your graduation from Brown.

Brown students who wish to cross-register at RISD should take the following steps:

  1. Access RISD’s catalog of courses: RISD Course Catalog. Use the advanced search to search by ‘term’ (ie: Fall 2021). The modality of the course is listed, as well as instructor email. Brown students may cross-register at RISD for any modality course (in-person, hybrid, or online) as long as the instructor so approves. Select ‘View Available Sections’ to see days/times/location/available seats. Instructor contact information can be found by clicking into the ‘Section Details’ (the course title hyperlink).
  2. The Brown student indicates interest in the course by contacting the RISD instructor via email. (For WS 2022, the instructor will share any Zoom link directly with the student since the first week of classes are taught online).
  3. The Brown student fills out RISD’s electronic cross-registration form available here. NOTE: the electronic add form will not be available until RISD’s first day of classes for the semester and will close on the last day of the RISD add/drop period. Brown students may authenticate into the form using Google (using email).
  4. Once the form is submitted, the form will be routed electronically through the permission process. Once all approvals have been secured, the RISD Registrar’s Office will work with the Brown Registrar’s Office to get the student registered for the course.

In rare exceptions, Brown students are able to cross-register for an Independent Study Project (ISP) with full-time RISD faculty only. Any Brown student planning an ISP should email for further instruction. ISPs are not available via the electronic cross-registration form. Include in the email the RISD faculty member that you wish to register for an ISP with.