Confirming RISD Alert Emergency Contact Information

ACTION REQUIRED: Students are asked to confirm RISD Alert emergency contact information in Self Service.

Should a campus emergency occur, we use the RISD!Alert emergency notification system to send you time-sensitive information via text, phone call and email.
***Before you can check your schedule in Student Planning (or do any other functions in Student Planning or Self Service),  you must first confirm/update this information.***

Log into Colleague Self Service with your RISD username (your username is your email address without the ‘’) and password.

You will automatically receive this message to confirm information

Step 1: Add/Edit your Emergency Contact Information (How RISD contacts you in the case of a campus emergency)

-Review/Edit/Update information using the ‘pencil’ icon(s)

Step 2: Review and Confirm

After confirming, you are able to navigate to the ‘Home’ page to continue into Student Planning (or any other Self Service option)