European Honors Program (EHP)

EHP enables a limited number of eligible students to undertake a supervised, but largely independent study program centered in Rome, Italy during their study at Rhode Island School of Design.  EHP offers an option to choose one of two sessions; each session consisting of a 20-week program in Rome (either August to December or January to June).

Eligibility: Candidacy for the program is competitive and requires application to the EHP Committee in Providence during the spring term of the year preceding both sessions.

In order to participate in EHP, students accepted to EHP must have completed their sophomore year and have a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.  Each student must consult with his or her department head and academic advisor prior to application. It is important to note that each student, including EHP students, must have two years residency at the Providence campus for graduation from RISD, or three years of residency for the five-year programs.  Applications and additional information are available from the Office of International Programs.

One session participation in EHP will earn 18 credit hours.  Each session will begin with a structured 12-week block.  During that twelve-week block, an EHP student receives 12 credits (3 Art History, 3 Liberal Arts for Italian language and 6 Studio).  The remaining weeks, six in total, each student receives 6 studio independent study credits for a total of 18 credits during their EHP session.

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