Transcript Ordering for Current Students

Unofficial Transcripts

Enrolled students can print a copy of their cumulative academic record by selecting the “Unofficial Transcript” link under the Student Planning menu in Student Planning:


The cumulative record arranges the academic record in term sequence but is not official in any way. That is, it is printed on plain paper and does not contain any verifying signatures or official seals. A copy of the cumulative record is generally used by current or former students who don’t need a certified, official copy.

Students are strongly encouraged to print a copy of their cumulative academic record and retain it for their records. Former students or alumni must print out their copy while their Student Planning account is still active. Once Student Planning access is gone, follow the procedure below for ordering an official transcript.

Official Transcripts
Steps for ordering an official transcript:

  • Log in to your Web Advisor account
  • In the Student Service section, Click “Order Transcript & Enrollment
  • Click “Order an Official Transcript, Verify Enrollment, and More
  • Select your Option!

What does Official Transcript Online Ordering Include?

  • Convenient 24/7 access
  • Secure transactions
  • Online payments available with any major credit card
  • Automatic order updates via mobile text alerts and email
  • Online order tracking
  • Option to digitally sign transcript request (paperless consent)

Processing time

Transcripts are processed in the order received. Generally, they are processed within three business days (usually even faster), except during registration or certain times of the year when requests are especially heavy. At those times of year (first two weeks of the semester and the grading periods at the end of each term) transcript requests are generally processed within 5 days. Students are encouraged to plan transcript needs accordingly. In addition, currently, enrolled students who are requesting transcripts at the end of a term must indicate in their request whether the transcript should wait to include the grades for the current term or be sent immediately.


Beginning September 30, 2019, the fee for each paper transcript ordered is $4.75 (plus a $2.90 processing fee per recipient).  Your credit card will only be charged after your order has been completed.

Delivery Options

Transcripts are normally mailed to recipients via regular 1st class United States Postal Service (USPS) mail, for no additional charge.  Current fees for express delivery via FedEx are $25 for delivery within the United States, $30 for Canada or Mexico, and $50 for international delivery.  Transcripts can also be held for pickup at the Registrar’s Office (for no additional charge).

Expedited Requests

For an additional priority processing (“rush”) fee of $10.00, transcripts will be processed by the next business day, and then delivered based on the Delivery Method selected.

Transcript Ordering is provided through the National Student Clearinghouse, a non-profit organization serving the higher education community.  More information on the Clearinghouse is available at


If you have a financial hold preventing transcript ordering and you require a transcript for employment purposes and are unable to fulfill your financial obligations to the institution at this time, please contact the office associated with your hold.  There may be potential for a one-time, temporary release allowing you to order a transcript.
• Fleet Library, or 401-709-5900
• Student Conduct, or 401-454-6653
• Student Financial Services, or 401-454-6661


Some countries outside of the United States require an “Apostille” on certain documents, usually diplomas or transcripts. The Registrar’s Office will take care of that service for you upon request and upon payment of the nominal fee.

Submit the following form to the Registrar’s Office to request an Apostille: Request for Apostille Form

Please be advised that we can only process the Apostille with the Office of the Rhode Island Secretary of State once the form along with accompanying documents and payment is received.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for processing.

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