Estimate Books & Materials Costs

Entering Textbook Information for Your Classes

Instructors are responsible for updating WebAdvisor with their required OR recommended textbooks for purchase. The entry onto WebAdvisor is to be made prior to the opening of registration for the term as per the Federal Higher Education Act of 2008. If your class does not have ANY required or recommended textbooks, then all you need to do is to navigate through “maintain books” on WebAdvisor for the course section and get to the button which reads “Textbooks are not required or recommended for this class” at which time just click on the radio button. Complete instructions are in WebAdvisor once you click on the “Maintain Books” choice on the main faculty menu.


Instructions for adding Textbook(s) information  and Estimated Material Costs 

1. Log in to WebAdvisor.

2. Under “Faculty Menu,” go to “Faculty Information”, “Estimate Books & Materials Costs”.


3. Select the Term (ie: 2018SP) and Submit.


4. Select the Section you want to add textbook information for.

5. Add your textbook(s).

  • Search to see if your book is already in the book database. This is a local database containing only those books previously recorded by RISD faculty. If found, select it in order to have it appear on WebAdvisor as a text for your course.
  • If the book is not found, select “Add New Book,” which does two things. It adds the book information to the permanent local database and it “attaches” the book to your current course so it can be viewed on WebAdvisor by students. The next time you or another faculty decide to require or recommend the book, it can be found on “Search and Add books”.


One caveat: Once you have “submitted” your book information, it is hardwired into the faculty view of the “Estimate Books & Materials Costs” page and you can’t fix any typos.

6. Once your textbook is entered, you can:

  • Add a Comment
  • Mark the textbook as either Required or Optional (it will default to Required)
  • Delete the texbook
  • Order the textbook from the Brown bookstore
    • Ordering Deadlines for 2018/19:
      • 2018FA: May 24th, 2018
      • 2019WS: November 15th 2018
      • 2019SP: November 15th 2018
      • 2019FA: May 15th, 2019
    • Within three business days of your submitting your textbook needs on Web Advisor, you should receive an e-mail confirming that the RISD store has your order.
    • If the store encounters a delay or problems acquiring your textbook(s) from the publisher, you will receive notification no later than three weeks after the scheduled deadline date. You will be contacted immediately if any other unforeseen delays are discovered.
    • When your textbooks arrive and are ready for purchase, you will receive a final confirmation via e-mail.
    • Provided that textbook request are received by deadline and the requested titles are available by publisher, you should expect that your textbooks would be available for purchase no later than one week before first day of class.
  • Request to reserve the book at the RISD Library


7. If you are not requiring or recommending any books at all, check the box for “No book purchases required/recommended for this class.” This step may seem unnecessary, but it is required for compliance with the law.


8. Enter your Estimated Cost of Materials. The field value defaults to TBD and must be updated. Please enter a numerical value (ie: 10.00). If there are no Estimated Material Cost, then enter 0.