Incoming First-Year Student Registration

Welcome new First-Year students!   Over the summer, the Experimental and Foundation Studies and Liberal Arts Offices are developing your course schedule. You will be registered into all of your required courses for the fall semester.

Your course schedule for Fall will be available for viewing in late August in Student Planning the online self-service academic planning and registration tool for students.

All first year students are assigned three Foundation Studios, each meeting one full day a week.  The studios are “Drawing”, “Design” and “Spatial Dynamics”.  In addition to the three studios, students are assigned two courses in Liberal Arts (for a total of 5 courses for the semester).  Each course is worth three credits, for a total of fifteen (15) semester credits.

You will be sent an email notification to your email account when your schedule is ready to view.  At that point you can check your schedule online, and then check it again just prior to classes beginning in case any adjustments were made (building/room changes, etc.).

In the meantime, continue to check the Orientation website for all sorts of information regarding orientation, activities, and much more.

We look forward to your arrival in September!

Summer Session 2019 Grading Deadlines

Grading for Summer Session 2019 is open.

There are two (2) grading deadlines for summer programs at RISD.

August 2: Final grades due for Summer Foundation Studies, MA in Interior Architecture, MDes in Interior Studies, and any travel courses that have completed.

September 4: Final grades due for MA in Teaching, Landscape Architecture, Summer Internships, and all travel courses.

Instructors are asked to submit their grades electronically via WebAdvisor, the online web student information system. Instructions for WebAdvisor grading is available on this page or by contacting with questions.

September 4: Final Evaluations of Student Progress/Performance for all programs are due.

Instructors enter final evaluation narratives on WebAdvisor. A short instructional video is available for the online evaluation feature.  Further details guidelines on final evaluation narratives are also available here.

Summer 2019 Important Dates

The Summer 2019 Semester runs June 17th – August 29th. Please review important dates below. For a complete list of dates for the academic year, please refer to the Academic Calendar by clicking here.

Summer 2019 Important Dates:
June 17th – Summer Foundation Studies Program begins / Master of Design Summer Program in Interior Studies begins
June 24th – Summer Studies classes (for credit) in Continuing Education begin
July 8th   – Classes begin for Master of Arts in Teaching summer program
July 26th  – Summer Foundation Studies Program classes end / Master of Arts in Interior Architecture off‐campus Summer Program ends / Master of Design Summer Program in Interior Studies ends
August 2nd – Summer Studies classes (for credit) in Continuing Education end
August 5th – Landscape Architecture Design Foundation / English for Art and Design course begins
August 16th  – Classes end for Master of Arts in Teaching summer program

Student Planning Online Registration Tool

Student Planning is available for students and advisors!  The web-based tool integrates degree planning, registration, scheduling and advising.

All students are encouraged to access Student Planning prior to registration.  Login to Student Planning directly at this link:

Watch the following short video tutorial series to familiarize yourself with the many features and benefits.

For Students:
Tutorial 1: Introduction to Student Planning & Registration
Tutorial 2  Student Planning: Preparing for Registration
Tutorial 3: Student Planning: Registering for Classes

For Advisors:
Tutorial 4: Student Planning for Advisors

FAQs are available on this site at Student Planning.

Questions about navigating Student Planning:
Contact the Office of the Registrar (401) 454-6151 or email

Questions about access:
Contact the Service Desk of Information Technology Services at (401) 454-6106 or email

Questions about specific degree requirements:
Contact your Academic Advisor.