Registrar’s Office Hours

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, EST

The office is available for assistance by:

NOTE: Only users with an or an email address will be able to access Zoom meetings.

Summer 2022 Grading Deadlines

There are multiple grading deadlines for summer programs at RISD.

August 11, 2022: Final Grades Due for Master of Arts in Adaptive Reuse Program and Master of Landscape Architecture Program

August 24, 2022: Final Grades due for Master of Architecture Summer Program, English for Art and Design Summer Course, Master of Arts in Teaching Summer Program, Master of Design [Adaptive Reuse] and Master of Design [Exhibition and Narrative Environments]

September 6, 2022: Final Grades due for Summer Internships and Summer 2022 Narratives of Student Programs Due

Instructors are asked to submit their grades electronically via WebAdvisor, the online web student information system. Instructions for WebAdvisor grading is available on this page or by contacting with questions.

Instructors enter final evaluation narratives on WebAdvisor. A short instructional video is available for the online evaluation feature.  Further details guidelines on final evaluation narratives are also available here.

Registration Instructions for Incoming Transfers & Graduate Students

Web registration for incoming Transfer and Graduate students opens Monday, August 1, 2022 at 10:00AM and remains open through Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Note: Incoming freshmen do not register on August 1 as freshmen schedules are created by the Divisions of EFS and Liberal Arts. Read more about freshmen schedules here.

Students in the MA in Design Engineering (MADE) program, please review the information here for registration information.

Viewing Your Schedule
You should check your schedule first before you register for any additional courses. You can view your schedule online through Student Planning. This page provides step-by-step instructions on how to find your schedule in Student Planning.

Course Modalities
Courses have a modality type of in-person instruction, hybrid instruction, or online instruction. You can view the modality type in the ‘location’ information in each course, or you can filter by modality when searching. For more information, refer to our webpage on course modalities.

Major Required Courses
In most cases, you have already been pre-registered into your major required courses by your major department. Major required courses are managed by each Academic Department. Any questions about those courses should be discussed with your department, since you cannot add or drop them online. Contact info for departments can be found at

Student Planning (web-registration system):
It is recommended that you watch the YouTube videos below to familiarize yourself with Student Planning prior to registration.
Student Planning: Introduction
Student Planning: Planning Classes for Registration
Student Planning: Registering for Classes

Additional registration information and navigation instructions are available:

Checking Your Address in Self Service (Student Planning)

Log in to Self Service at

From left-hand side menu, select ‘User Options’

Then select ‘User Profile’

All current addresses are shown. Your preferred mailing address is indicated with a green checkmark:

To change your address, use the Address Change form in etrieve.

Finding Your Academic Advisor in Student Planning

Follow these simple steps to find out who your advisor is.

Note: All students have a major advisor. Sophomores will also have a Liberal Arts advisor, and any students participating in a Concentration will have a Concentration Advisor.

1. Log into Colleague Self Service with your RISD username (your username is your email address without the ‘’) and password.

2. Click on ‘Student Planning’ once you’ve logged in.

3. Select ‘Go to Plan & Schedule’ by clicking on the tile or by accessing it from the Student Planning dropdown menu.

4. Select the ‘Advising’ tab.

5. Your advisor(s) is/are listed under the ‘My Advisors’ heading.

Student Planning Online Registration Tool

Student Planning is available for students and advisors!  The web-based tool integrates degree planning, registration, scheduling and advising.

All students are encouraged to access Student Planning prior to registration.  Login to Student Planning directly at this link:

Watch the following short video tutorial series to familiarize yourself with the many features and benefits.

For Students:
Tutorial 1: Introduction to Student Planning & Registration
Tutorial 2  Student Planning: Preparing for Registration
Tutorial 3: Student Planning: Registering for Classes

For Advisors:
Tutorial 4: Student Planning for Advisors

FAQs are available on this site at Student Planning.

Questions about navigating Student Planning:
Contact the Office of the Registrar (401) 454-6151 or email

Questions about access:
Contact the Service Desk of Information Technology Services at (401) 454-6106 or email

Questions about specific degree requirements:
Contact your Academic Advisor.