Summer Session Grade Deadline

-Final Grade Submission Deadline is Thursday, August 6.   All instructors are asked to submit their grades electronically, via WebAdvisor, the online web student information system.

-Summer Internship grades have a different deadline and these must be submitted by Wednesday, September 9.

-Narratives of Student Progress/Performance are due by August 20. Instructors enter final evaluation narratives directly via WebAdvisor.  A short instructional video is available for the online evaluation feature.  Further details on final evaluation narratives are available here.

Instructions for WebAdvisor and grading are available on this website or by contacting with questions.

Incoming First-Year Student Registration

Welcome new First-Year students!   Over the summer, the Foundation Studies Office and the Liberal Arts Office are developing your course schedule.  For the fall semester, you will be registered into all of your required courses.

All first year students are assigned three Foundation Studios, each meeting one full day a week.  The studios are “Drawing”, “Design” and “Spatial Dynamics”.  In addition to the three studios, students are assigned two courses in Liberal Arts (for a total of 5 courses for the semester).  Each course is worth three credits, for a total of fifteen (15) semester credits.

Click here for a sample freshman schedule.

Your course schedule for Fall will be available for viewing in early September on WebAdvisor (  You will be sent an email notification to your email account when your schedule is ready to view.  At that point you can check your schedule online, and then check it again just prior to classes beginning in case any adjustments were made (building/room changes, etc.).  If you want a paper copy, Web Advisor allows you to print your schedule.  Stay tuned for an email when your schedule is available for viewing.

In the meantime, continue to check the Orientation website for all sorts of information regarding orientation, activities, and much more.

We look forward to your arrival in September!

Registration Instructions for Incoming Transfers & Graduate Students

Web registration for new transfer students and graduate students begins on August 3, 2015 and continues through Sunday, September 6, 2015. Registration information and navigation instructions are available on the Registrar website under the Student menu or by selecting this link: Registration Instructions New Transfer & Graduate Students.

Information specific to August registration (for the fall semester) for transfers and graduate students is available here.

Instructional YouTube videos on how to navigate registration on WebAdvisor:
-How to Search for Sections
-How to Add Preferred Sections
-How to Register for Courses
-How to Drop Courses

Fall 2015 Academic Calendar Reminders

Tuesday, September 8— Convocation
Thursday, September 10— Fall semester degree program classes begin
Thursday, September 17 – Final day for Add/Drop
Monday, October 12 (Columbus Day)— Degree program classes will NOT be held
Tuesday, December 8— Last Day of Classes Wednesday classes will meet this day.  Tuesday classes will NOT be held this day. 
This meeting session is not a conflict with Tuesday classes as the last Tuesday class session is December 1, 2015. A calendar adjustment is necessary to ensure that Tuesday and Wednesday classes meet the proper number of times for the semester.
Suggested Crit Schedule (provides one week between last class day and crit day)
As departments set their own crit times, please confirm the actual crit day for a given class with the instructor once classes begin.
Dec  9 Wednesday— crits for Tuesday classes
Dec  10  Thursday—crits for Thursday classes
Dec  11  Friday—crits for Friday classes
Dec. 14  Monday—LA and Grad studies exams
Dec  15  Tuesday—crits for Monday classes
Dec  16  Wednesday—crits for Wednesday classes

See the full 2015-16 Academic Calendar for all other important dates.