Spring 2018 Course Withdrawal Deadline April 12

This is a reminder that the Spring 2018 Course Withdrawal deadline is
Thursday, April 12.

Course withdrawal forms are available in the Registrar’s Office, 20 Prov Wash, 1st Floor. If you intend to withdraw from a course, you must submit an instructor signed “Course Withdrawal Form” to the Registrar’s Office by 4:30pm April 12.

A grade of “W” will be recorded on the permanent record, which does not count negatively in the RISD grade point average. Note: If you withdraw from a course and drop below the 12 credit semester minimum, you will be subject to Academic Probation at the end of the semester. All international students (F-1 visas) must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits; falling below 12 credits could violate your immigration status (please contact OISS for more information). Courses graded Audit (AU) and Withdrawn (W) do not count toward the attempted minimum credit loads for the semester ‘Full time Enrollment Requirement’.

See the RISD Policies page for more information: http://policies.risd.edu/.

Spring 2018 Important Dates

The Spring 2018 Semester runs February 15th – May 25th. Please review important dates below. For a complete list of dates for the academic year, please refer to the Academic Calendar by clicking here.

Spring 2018 Important Dates:
February 15th – Add/drop begins
February 22nd – Add/drop ends (Spring Internship deadline)
February 23rd – Withdrawal period begins (“W” grade on transcript)
March 24th-April 1st – Spring recess for Degree programs
April 2nd – Degree program classes resume
April 12th – Last day to withdraw from a course (“W” grade on transcript)
May 16th – Last day of Spring classes (also Summer Internship deadline)
May 17th – Reading/Preparation Day – No classes, exams or crits held
May 18th – Liberal Arts and Graduate Studies exams
May 21st – Studio Review Days (through May 25th)
May 25th – Final day of Spring 2018 Semester

Have a great Spring Semester!

Student Planning Online Registration Tool

Student Planning is available for students and advisors!  The web-based tool integrates degree planning, registration, scheduling and advising.

All students are encouraged to access Student Planning prior to the upcoming Wintersession registration.  Login to Student Planning directly at this link: https://ss.risd.edu/student or through WebAdvisor (wa.risd.edu) and click the link for ‘Student Planning’.

Watch the following short video tutorial series to familiarize yourself with the many features and benefits.

For Students:
Tutorial 1: Introduction to Student Planning & Registration
Tutorial 2  Student Planning: Preparing for Registration
Tutorial 3: Student Planning: Registering for Classes

For Advisors:
Tutorial 4: Student Planning for Advisors

FAQs are available on this site at Student Planning.

Questions about navigating Student Planning:
Contact the Office of the Registrar (401) 454-6151 or email registrar@risd.edu

Questions about access:
Contact the Service Desk of the Office of Information Technology (401) 454-6106 or email servicedesk@risd.edu

Questions about specific degree requirements:
Contact your Academic Advisor.