Wintersession 2017 Registration Information

Wintersession Online Registration begins on Saturday, October 29 through November 3.  Your assigned start time was emailed to your email. Students are required to enroll in at least one Wintersession course.

Course offerings, descriptions and schedules are available in the following areas:
Student Planning using the ‘Course Catalog’ search.
– 2016-17 Course Announcement Wintersession Section beginning pg. 305.
Wintersession Grid for viewing typical course schedule patterns.

Registering for a second class. After all students have had a chance to register for one class, the system will open up and allow selection of a second class depending on availability (spaces are limited).
-A second registration lottery assignment will be emailed on Friday, Nov. 4.
-Registration for a second class is held  on Saturday, November 5  (based on the newly appointed registration times).

Freshmen should meet with their EFS advisor about course selection and are encouraged to attend the CSI/Registrar sponsored presentation on Wintersession registration:  Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 p.m, location: Met B.

Wintersession Travel Course Registration:  October 11 through October 26.  

Student Planning Online Registration Tool

Student Planning is available for students and advisors!  The web-based tool integrates degree planning, registration, scheduling and advising.

All students are encouraged to access Student Planning prior to the upcoming Wintersession registration.  Login to Student Planning directly at this link: or through WebAdvisor ( and click the link for ‘Student Planning’.

Watch the following short video tutorial series to familiarize yourself with the many features and benefits.

For Students:
Tutorial 1: Introduction to Student Planning & Registration
Tutorial 2  Student Planning: Preparing for Registration
Tutorial 3: Student Planning: Registering for Classes

For Advisors:
Tutorial 4: Student Planning for Advisors

FAQs are available on this site at Student Planning.

Questions about navigating Student Planning:
Contact the Office of the Registrar (401) 454-6151 or email

Questions about access:
Contact the Service Desk of the Office of Information Technology (401) 454-6106 or email

Questions about specific degree requirements:
Contact your Academic Advisor.

Midterm Grades and Evaluations

Midterm grading/warning  is available for Fall 2016 and is primarily to provide early notification for students not doing satisfactory work.  All midterm warnings must be submitted on WebAdvisor by Friday, October 21.  

Faculty have the ability to enter mid-term grades/warnings  and evaluations directly in WebAdvisor.  Every “U” grade (unsatisfactory) assigned must be accompanied by a corresponding Midterm Warning comment.   Faculty may also wish to enter comments for students in other circumstances, such as those doing exceptionally well (in this case no grade need be entered).

View the following instructional videos at the links below for an overview of entering these grades and comments:
Faculty Entering Midterm Warnings/Evaluations
Advisors Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives
Students Viewing Midterm Warnings/Evaluations and Final Evaluation Narratives

Wintersession 2017 Travel Classes

Registration for the Wintersession Travel Classes begins: Tuesday, October 11 and ends: Wednesday, October 26.

Travel classes offered are available at the Office of Global Partners and Programs website. Course information is also viewable on Student Planning and WebAdvisor.

Students MUST attend the instructor’s Information session.  These take place between September 21 and October 10.  Registration for travel courses require pre-approval from instructors.

Also view Registration: Wintersession Travel Classes for more information on steps to register.

Fall 2016 Term Important Dates

Wednesday, Sept 7:  RISD students may register for Brown classes
Thursday, Sept 8: RISD Courses begin
Thursday, Sept. 8 –15:  Add/Drop period
Thursday, Sept. 15:
-Last day to add or drop a course
-Internship application deadline through ArtWorks
Friday, Sept. 16:  Course Withdrawal period begins
Monday,October 31: Final date to withdraw from a course, “W” Grade
Wednesday, December 7: Last day degree program classes
Friday, December 16: Final Day of Fall Term