Address Changes

How do I check my current address?

Log into Self Service (Student Planning) at

From the left-hand menu, select ‘User Options’:useroptions

Next select ‘User Profile’:

All all current addresses are listed here. Preferred mailing address is indicated by a green checkmark:

How do I change my current address?
Changes should be reported by using the ‘Address Change‘ form in etrieve.

I’m a graduating student, is this where my diploma will be mailed?
Not necessarily! Graduating students are reminded that the preferred mailing address shown in Student Self-Service may not be the same address collected for diploma mailing purposes via the Graduation Application, which was submitted earlier in the academic year. Diplomas can be sent to any preferred mailing address (as long as it is not a RISD Box/on-campus address). Changes to diploma mailing addresses can be accommodated upon request, students should send any updates to