Under the Federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), most information about you from RISD records, including grades, is considered confidential and, with certain exceptions, generally may not be released to third parties, including your parents/guardians, without your written consent. For more details about FERPA, read the full policy here.

Each year, we inform new students about this protection and offer students the ability to submit the “Student Information Release” form, if they so choose. By signing and returning the “Student Information Release” form, you may authorize Rhode Island School of Design to release information from your educational records to your parents (or whomever you indicate on the form).

Click here for the ‘Student Information Release’ form. Log in with your RISD credentials.

Please note that without this authorization, RISD’s ability to disclose information from your records to your parents or to speak with your parents about information from your records will be significantly restricted. You are urged to inform your parents of this fact if you decide not to execute the authorization form.

All students have access to view their grades (at the end of each term) on Student Planning, RISD’s advising/registration module. Regardless of whether or not you fill out the Student Information Release form, parents/guardians do NOT receive access to view student information.

In the future, if for any reason you decide to cancel this release, you must submit a new form with the ‘Remove Previously Authorized Individual’ filled out.