Independent Study

The Independent Study Project (ISP) allows students to supplement the established curriculum by completing a faculty supervised project for credit in a specific area of interest. Its purpose is to meet individual student needs by providing an alternative to regularly-offered courses.

See the Independent Study Application and Instruction form for steps to completing the application and guidelines for the approval process.

Academic Year 2016-17 Deadline dates.

Academic Year 2015-16 Deadline dates

Also reference the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

Sophomore or higher
Cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or greater
Limits: 3 credits per course/9 credits of Independent Study (ISP) and/or Collaborative Study (CSP) maximum toward undergraduate degree
Deadlines:  Refer to the Independent Study Instructions and the Academic Calendar for specific deadline dates.
Exceptions: Student must file an Academic Petition for an exception to the limits or deadline.