The following deadlines are in place for Reinstatement Applications.  The College’s Reinstatement Policy can be found here.

  • For a Fall Semester return: Undergraduate – April 1 | Graduate – February 15
  • For a Wintersession or a Spring Semester return: All Students – October 1

Steps to Apply for Reinstatement:

Complete the Reinstatement Application if you are currently on a leave of absence and wish to return to RISD.

Students on Medical Leave: Students who are on medical leave will need to complete the reinstatement application and the Medical Reinstatement Addendum .

International Students: International students on F1 Visa reinstating must submit required immigration documents (see links below):

 All International Students: Complete the Required Reinstatement Materials for International Student 

Select based on your level of study:  Undergraduate Declaration of Finance 

                                                           Graduate Declaration Finance 

Students are encouraged to speak with their Department Head (and Graduate students, their Graduate Program Director) in advance of the reinstatement deadline date.

Reinstatement decisions are made on an individual basis and are subject to the availability of space in the student’s designated program and in accordance with curricular sequencing considerations as well as clearance from approving parties. 

It is the student’s responsibility to submit requests by the published deadlines. For students who submit a reinstatement application after the deadline, risks may include (but are not limited to) the inability to be reviewed in a timely way by nature of the request being late, space constraints, lack of available classes, document and visa related time constraints, operational constraints which may impact decisions beyond the normal considerations.

Additional information:

  • Once a student has started at RISD, a total of no more than 12 credits will be transferred in, which includes coursework taken while on leave
  • Any reinstated student who has been separated from RISD for four years or more must satisfy graduation requirements in effect and published at the time of their reinstatement
  • Students intending to apply for Financial Aid should submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15 prior to the academic year they plan to return. For further information, contact Student Financial Services at 401-454-6661, or visit