Language Course Information

Language courses taken at Brown University require that the course be taken for one year.  You may register for the course and be graded for the fall semester; however, if you do not register for the spring semester, your grade will be counted as an NC (No Credit) grade for the previous semester.

A waiver form is required for requesting to take only the first half of a year-long language course.  This link will take you to the Brown Registrar site which has the form available.  Follow their instructions under the Independent Credit for the First Half of a Year-long Course section.

Language placement exams at Brown

RISD students who wish to take a language course other than an introductory class may need to take a language placement exam. Students should contact the relevant language department at Brown for the dates and times of the placement exams.

Placement exams need to be taken prior to the course for the fall semester.