Online Web Registration

Online web registration is held before each semester using Workday, the self service academic planning tool for students and advisors.

Registration Time

Based on cumulative earned credits, students will receive a designated time to register in Workday. Registration appointments are listed in Workday. They are not emailed. In Workday, navigate to Menu > Academics. In the Upcoming Registration Appointments box check the date and time you may start registering.

Credit Limits (Fall and Spring)

Students may sign up for no more than 16 credits in during Fall and Spring web registration.

Incoming Student Fall Registration (Graduate and Undergraduate Transfer students)

In late summer, incoming graduate students and undergraduate transfers may complete their registration for fall electives on-line using Workday. The registration page for incoming graduate and undergrad transfer students also provides more details.


There is no waitlist in Workday. Students are encouraged to register for a full semester for available classes and check Workday regularly as seats become available as students change schedules

Registration Holds

Students will be unable to register for courses if they have a hold on their account.  Affected students should contact the Student Accounts Office at 401-454-6442 or may pay their balance at

Courses Not Available for Web Registration

Not all courses may be registered for online. Students should read the course description in its entirety to ensure they meet all the specific requirements of a course (eg class level, major) as these restrictions could prevent registration into a course via web registration.