Cross-Registration Instructions

**For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, cross-registration is permitted for the Fall semester only.**

RISD’s cross-registration policy with Brown university is available here

Instructions for RISD Students to register for Brown Courses under the RISD/Brown Cross-Registration Agreement.

The cross-registration process will be completely online to accommodate both RISD and Brown University’s requirements for remote attendance during the first week of each school’s semesters.

More information on this process will be forthcoming.

Important information to note:

1)  RISD students must receive prior approval from either the Division of Liberal Arts (for Liberal Arts credit) or their Department Head (for Major, Non-Major, or Graduate Elective credit) in order to cross-register. This will be an electronic process; more info to come.

ONLY COURSES ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT by the Division of Liberal Arts or your Department Head will be registered by RISD and Brown University.  

2) You must obtain permission from the Brown instructor before filling out Brown’s online form for cross-registration (more information coming soon).

3) Cross-registration is not available until the first day of Brown classes (September 9, 2020), and must be completed by the end of RISD’s Add/Drop period, September 17, 2020.

4) Students will be required to complete the ‘Healthy Brown Commitment Form’, which outlines Brown University’s policies and protocols surrounding health and safety. More information on this will be forthcoming.



  • Language Course Information – Details regarding language courses at Brown
  • Music Composition courses – (more information coming soon)

Dropping from a course at Brown:  If you decide to drop this course during the Add/Drop period please act on that decision by filing a Drop Form with the RISD Registrar’s Office by the RISD deadline.  RISD is required to compensate Brown for all active course registrations by RISD students at Brown as of the end of the Add/Drop period. This will also be an electronic process. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Withdrawing from a course at Brown
Note about deadlines: As a RISD student, you are governed by RISD rules for course withdrawal deadlines, so you must withdraw by the RISD deadline as stated in the RISD Academic Calendar. Brown allows their students to drop courses until the last day of classses, but this more lenient policy does not apply to RISD students.

The course withdrawal process will once again be online (as it was for the Spring 2020 semester). Additional details will be coming soon.