Cross-Registration Instructions

Instructions for RISD Students to register for Brown Courses under the RISD/Brown Cross-Registration Agreement.

These steps must be completed by the RISD Add/Drop deadline.

1)  Obtain the RISD/Brown Cross-Registration Form under the “Frequently Requested Forms” column on this site or in person at the RISD Registrar’s Office (20WP, 1st floor).

2)  Read the instructions on the form carefully.  Complete that portion of the form to be filled out by the student.

3) Obtain all appropriate approval signatures in sequence from top to bottom at left margin on form.

4) For Liberal Arts Credit:  Proceed to the RISD Liberal Arts Office which is located in the College Building on 236 Benefit Street to obtain the Division Dean’s signature OR

For Studio or Professional Elective Credit: Obtain your Department Head signature.

ONLY COURSES ACCEPTED FOR CREDIT by the Division of Liberal Arts or your Department Head will be registered by RISD and Brown University.  

5) Proceed to the Brown University class and seek to obtain the signature of the instructor at the first class meeting.

6) Proceed to the Brown University Registrar’s Office at 69 Brown Street, Page-Robinson Hall, 3rd floor for a signature on or after the first day of classes at Brown. That office will make a copy of the form.

7) Last stepProceed to the RISD Registrar’s Office with your signed paperwork for final approval and to officially register for the course  no later than the RISD Add/Drop deadline published in the Academic Calendar .

Helpful Tools:

Youtube Tutorial:  For a step-by-step tutorial on the cross-registration process, click the link below:


Dropping from a course at Brown:  If you decide to drop this course during the Add/Drop period please act on that decision by filing a Drop Form with the RISD Registrar’s Office by the RISD deadline.  RISD is required to compensate Brown for all active course registrations by RISD students at Brown as of the end of the Add/Drop period.

Withdrawing from a course at Brown

Note about deadlines: As a RISD student, you are governed by RISD rules for course withdrawal deadlines, so you must withdraw by the RISD deadline as stated in the RISD Academic Calendar. Brown allows their students to drop courses until the last day of classses, but this more lenient policy does not apply to RISD students.

1. Pick up the RISD Course Withdrawal Form and the Brown University Course Change Form.

2. Fill out and hand in the Brown Course Change Form to the Brown Registrar’s Office.

3. Have the Brown faculty sign the RISD Course Withdrawal Form and return it to the RISD Registrar’s Office by the deadline for withdrawing as listed on the RISD academic calendar.